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Tournament Organizer: Reithan

Commentators: Lizardman301 and Reithan

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Welcome to the New Challenger SFV NA Underdog Series, Season 6, a bi-weekly, 8 tournament seasonal league. The season finishes with an Invitational tournament for players qualifying via a points system. Points are awarded for a variety of achievements, designed to reward newer players for improving themselves over the course of the season. Rules are as follows:

  • Must be a member of the New Challenger discord.

  • Must own SFV (PC or PS4 ok!), and be in the North America region.

  • Must check-in here on Challonge 30 minutes prior to the tournament start time.

  • Brackets will be seeded initially based on LP, then by season standings, with LP as a tie-breaker.

  • Weeklies will be Swiss Format to allow maximum participation for new players (No eliminations!).

  • Swiss matches will be played as best of 3 matches.

  • Matches are worth 1pt on win, 0.5pt in the unlikely event of a draw. Byes count as a victory and are thus worth 1pts.

  • The loser of the previous game may switch characters or VTrigger.

  • The winner of the previous game may switch V-Trigger only if the opponent switches their character.

  • Kanzuki Beach, Flamenco Tavern, Temple of Ascension, Dojo, and Skies of Honor are banned.

  • Tournament will progress one round at a time, with one or more matches chosen by the Tournament Organizers to stream each round. Wait for the signal in the discord #tournaments channel before starting the next round. If you start early, and are then chosen for the stream match, you will have to replay your match.

  • For non-stream matches, invite amongst yourselves, then record the results on challonge. It's the winner's responsibility to make sure challonge is updated accurately. Enter the end score, and click your name at the prompt. If there is any problem or dispute, let one of the Tournament Organizers know in chat.

  • If you are a no show for your match by the time another match in that round has finished, your opponent will be given a bye.

  • If you have issues with lag during your match, please follow the guidelines regarding lag listed in the Code of Conduct, below.

Points Breakdown:

The season finale invitational tournament will consist of 16 slots. Invitations will be offered by order of total points earned, as well as other categories. Point and award categories are as follows:


Points for placement are based directly off of CPT points, as seen in the below image:

Public Bounty


To encourage players to strive to be the best and improve in the face of competition, players will accumulate a bounty by placing in the top 4 of a weekly. Bounties are cumulative and build up each week that player players at that rank again, or higher.

Any player can claim the bounty of another player who has a higher bounty than themselves, simply by defeating that player in a match.

Bounty values are as follows:

  1. 15pts

  2. 10pts

  3. 5pts

  4. 1pt

Personal Bounty (Revenge Bonus)


To encourage rivalry between peers, we are adding an incentive for you to seek out those that have beaten you previously and give them a taste of the time you’ve been putting into training. The key focus of player progression in this tournament series has no better meter stick than crushing your enemies, and seeing them driven before you.

This is, as such, the biggest non-placement point award available. Only you can claim your personal bounties. The award amount is based on how many times previously that player has defeated you in a weekly. Each time they defeat you, the level of the bounty available to you increases by 1, and if you manage to get your revenger, the level of the bounty will decrease by ½ (rounded up).

Points per bounty level are as follows:

  1. 5pts

  2. 10pts

  3. 20pts

  4. 40pts

  5. 70pts

  6. 110pts

  7. 160pts

Rank-Up Bonus

Again, towards the goal of each and every participant getting out there and levelling themselves up, we would like to encourage players to work on raising their rank, and recognize those players that do.

Any player showing that they’ve managed to rank up to a new rank they have not yet achieved before will net themselves a one-time point award. Players found trying to game this with alt accounts will be considered cheaters and banned from NCH.

Each ‘step’ up is worth 10pts (Silver -> Super SIlver), which makes a full rank up (Silver -> Gold) worth a sweet 30pts.

Coaching Tip

Part of working on levelling up as a member of the NCH community is our fantastic community of staff coaches, as well as all the community members that put in time with others to help them out, even without a coach title.

Any player that would like to give a “Shout out” to one member of the NCH community for helping them increase their skills this season will net that coach a bonus of 5pts.

Coaches are a super important part of NCH, but this bonus is kept rather small, as they should be receiving this bonus multiple times per week.

End of Season Finals


Invitations for the top 16 season finale will sent to:

  • Top 8 Overall Points Earners

  • Top 2 Public Bounty Award Earners

  • Top 2 Personal Bounty Award Earners

  • Top 2 Most Ranked-Up

  • Top 2 Coaching Tip Earners

All tie-breakers will be determined by BO5 playoff set.


Awards for the season will consist of Titles in the NCH discord, as well as all the public glory our humble TOs can heap on you on-stream. Awards categoies will be based on the Entire Season + Finals, with the following titles being awarded:

  • Top 4 Overall Points Earners

  • Top Public Bounty Award Earner

  • Top Personal Bounty Award Earner

  • Top Most Ranked-Up

  • Top Coach

Tie-breakers should not be necessary at this point, but all tie-breakers will still be determined by BO5 playoff set.

General Participant Code of Conduct:

The purpose of these tournaments is for players to test what they've learned and find room for further improvement in an environment with like-minded players. Participants are entrusted via the Honor Code with reporting their scores correctly. If you believe something was incorrectly scored please have screenshots and message a TO in Discord.


It is extremely disrespectful to other participants, viewers, and TO's to sandbag, collude, randomselect, intentionally throw matches, or leave mid-match. Participants who disrespect the tournament format and participants in this manner are subject to immediate disqualification at the TO's discretion. Being disruptive or disrespectful to other players may result in a disqualification, mute, and/or strike towards a ban from the discord and future events.


Understand that you may not get the best possible connection if your match-up is East Coast vs. West Coast. While we would all like to play in minimal ping this is simply not possible. The best we can offer is a single remake of the lobby using training stage, or time for players to reset their connections.

When a remake for lag is called, the rest of the round/game may not be played out and instead the player calling for the remake should submit to allow the match to end quickly in order to remake. If the round is continued and played out normally, the remake is forfeit.

Additionally, players who have  been determined to have consistently poor connections may be disqualified, depending on a case-by-case basis. We understand that playing in a high latency connection can be frustrating, but please play to the best of your ability regardless.

Please bring lag problems to our attention as early in the tournament as possible, in order to protect the playout of end-bracket matches.

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